Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders
with a High-Class Pedigree

Each of our dogs, both Greater Swiss Mountain Dog as well as Entlebucher Mountain Dog, have a high quality and precisely selected pedigree. We prefer to import the dogs from abroad with a new bloodline and mate them abroad as well. In case the puppies are exported abroad, we are providing to our clients the export pedigree as well. The ancestors of our dogs are the world’s winners and champions from several countries. You can see highly successful and healthy dogs in the pedigrees of the puppy of your choice.

Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders from Swiper’s

with Puppies Meeting FCI Standards

Each puppy at the Swiper’s kennel meets the strict FCI Breeds Nomenclature standards (Federation Cynologique Internationale). FCI includes 99 members and contact partners in each country, recognizes 354 breeds, and makes sure that only dogs meeting their strict standards are certified. The puppies receive a microchip (not a tattoo), which is written in the pedigree and is recognized worldwide. With each puppy, the new owner gets a professional and law-based buying contract as well. As experienced Swiss Mountain Dog breeders, we already know the importance of vet health checks. As a new owner of our happy puppy, you can be sure that puppies are leaving our kennel in the best conditions.

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