Love at the Kennel Swiper’s

Love is all one needs and a dog is at our Swiper’s kennel no exception to this saying. That’s why our Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Entlebucher Mountain Dogs and their puppies are living a fulfilling life as part of our loving family. The puppies have been in permanent and close contact with us and children since their birth, so they are used to people’s company. They are not only taken care of, but treated with an extra dose of love, care, and caressing each day. Cuddles are served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the time between them. This helps the puppies to be used to people and develops a loving and obedient character.

At the Kennel, We Provide 24/7 Care

Both of the breeders work from home, so we – Nada and Martin – are in 24/7 contact with the puppies. Our dogs spend as much time as possible outside, not only in our spacious dog-friendly garden but also in the woods, meadows, fields, and forests. We don’t limit them only to outdoor and nature activities, but gladly walk them to cafés, city centers, bus and train stations, and visit shopping centers as well.

Love is served to our puppies daily. Not only in the form of warm cuddles and a healthy lifestyle but also with proper nutrition and good care. Our love doesn’t end with the puppies finding their new homes, because we keep in touch with the new owners and provide them lifelong breeding consulting services. And what’s more, each puppy will get from us rich equipment as a goodbye gift.

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