The Beautiful and Easygoing Character
of Our Puppies

In Swiper’s, we understand the importance of a well-balanced dog character and personality. That’s why we are doing everything to bring all the important stimuli into their lives since the birth of the puppies. We know that the first 12 weeks are crucial for their development and try to do everything to grow a faithful, loving, and caring dog.

Obedience Training to Form the Character of the Puppies

Since we are working from home, the dogs are having our constant attention, supervision and various stimuli. The basic obedience training, such as leash walking and the basic commands (heel, sit, stay, and come), is provided by us two. Our dogs are familiar with people, car transportation, a collar around their neck, and different sounds that are coming from their surroundings. They are passionate „fetchers“ and love to play fetch, no matter of the object – they fetch various balls, toys, branches, or anything they find on the ground during our walks. All of this will make the future life of the puppies in their forever home much easier.

Our dogs repeatedly receive the highest score during breeding exams. And what’s more, they are also used as auxiliary dogs during character tests of other dogs at the breeding exam. The breeding exams contain of leash walking by the dog owner and a stranger, meeting different dog while being with owner as well as alone, and the reaction of visual and sound stimuli. We also train our Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs to pull a card. Our dogs make the most perfect guardians of our home and ourselves. The best part is they are friendly with each other and don’t have any conflict with other dogs either.

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