The Beauty of Entlebucher Mountain Dog
and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Thanks to all the “wellness” procedures that we provide daily to our dogs, they can have even more beautiful puppies. The base is a healthy lifestyle, high-quality food, nutrition for joints and fur, a lot of daily movement and extra dose of love. An absolutely tidy environment, combing, regular bathing and helthy movement is a must.

The Best of The Best:

Our Entlebucher Mountain Dog

and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

are Championship Winners

By buying one of our puppies, either of Entlebucher Mountain Dog or Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, you can be sure that their mum and dad are show-successful parents with a high-quality and beautiful appearance. The high-class pedigree is the perfect soil for our dogs to raise to their best selves. Our dogs are regular participants at international exhibitions in Slovakia as well as abroad. They won the championships in several countries. The winners are chosen by qualified FCI committee.

Our dogs are meeting the criteria of a strict animal muster. In these evaluation exterior, character and health is evaluated and each dog can be evaluated only once in their life. If they fail, they can’t be taken as breeding dogs. We are proud breeders of two Mountain Dogs where both are almost identical to the animal muster.

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