The Kennel of Swiss Mountain Dogs

Swiper’s is a small and loving kennel of Swiss Mountain Dogs, such as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Entlebucher Mountain Dog. We are doing our best to breed the healthiest, happiest, and prettiest puppies that you will immediately fall in love with. Our puppies have friendly characters and a precisely selected pedigree full of award-winning champions. Our kennel is located in the heart of western Slovakia with close access to nature, forests, fields, and meadows, which are so loved by our dogs.

The Caring Breeders Nada and Martin

The kennel is run by us – two dedicated breeders Nada and Martin. Our unconditional love for Swiss Mountain Dogs led us to build a caring and safe place for dogs and puppies. Both of us are active members of the Slovak Club of Swiss Mountain Dogs – a member of Slovak Cynological Unity and internationally highly valued FCI – Federation Cynologique Internationale. Nada is the Club Secretary and Martin is the Web Admin.

Swiss Mountain Dogs were for Martin a love at the first sign, his first Bernese Mountain Dog came to his life already in 1993. Since then he owned and raised all four breeds of Swiss Mountain Dogs. Nada shares the love and passion for the Swiss Mountain Dogs together with her husband, her first Swiss Mountain Dog enriched her life in 2008. Since then the dogs are proper members of our family – they live with us a rich, loving, and fulfilling life.

Puppies and Dogs of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Entlebucher Mountain Dog in Swiper’s

All of our dogs are allowed to freely roam around the garden and they have full access to the house as well. By us you can’t find any dog pool pen like in many other kennels. Our main focus is on the socialization and the healthy lifestyle of the puppies because we know that the first 12 weeks are crucial for their development.

For the puppies of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Entlebucher Mountain Dog, we strictly select the best forever homes. They will not be given to any puppy mill or unserious owners. The same care goes to the female dogs – we value them a lot and after each birth, we give them enough time for recovery. Overlapping of their period is unacceptable and is not happening in our kennel. The older dogs are living with us for the rest of their life and we provide them 100% health care, love, and respect till the last day of their lives.

Living with dogs is our hobby and mission that fulfills our lives. Dog breeding is not simply a business for us. We are aware that many dogs don’t have such happy conditions as ours and therefore we regularly support the shelters financially as well as materially.

If you’d like to know more about us and our puppies, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill in the puppy buyers questionaire.